Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 1

This post has migrated from Re-learning to Teach.

By virtue of being a teacher of solely 8th grade students, I have no kids today.  My school has decided that the best way to acclimate the 7th graders to a new building is to have them come in for a day before the 8th graders return.  I could not agree more!

Not only does it afford me an extra for planning and prep, but it means that the 7th graders get our full attention as clean slates before the 8th graders come back and bring our biases with them.

As I look down my roster for the year, I recognize many of the names.  This is not  good thing.  Since I only teach 8th, it means that I should have no contact with last years’ 7th graders.  If I did, it’s because they were in in-school suspension frequently.  I also know that I was given many of these students because I can handle them when many other teachers cannot.

I used to think that I wanted to be a principal.  Then I taught for a while and realized that I most certainly did NOT want to be a principal.  That job has everything I hate about teaching and nothing I like.  I could, however, be a vice principal.  I think I would do that job VERY well.

In any event, I’ve spent much of today setting up for my classes tomorrow.  I have 90 minutes with them so there’s a lot of things I could do.  Here’s the plan:

1)  Handouts (syllabus, school mandated handouts)
2)  Remind 101, Parent contact sheets, etc.
3)  Goals for the class, rules
4)  MARSHMALLOW CHALLENGE!!! (I love the setup that Math = Love does on her blog and so I will be stealing appropriating the format.

I have high hopes for this year as I’ll be teaching 8th grade geometry right at the beginning of the day.  I’m really excited for that class and I need to make sure I don’t mess it up so I can have it again.
My room is about as set up as it’s going to be.  I’ve never been someone who decorates a ton.  Partly this is because I feel that having too many things in the room makes it difficult for students to concentrate, but mostly because I’m lazy.
I did put up, more as a reminder for me, a bulletin board inspired by the great Steve Leinwand.

There are a few other things to talk about, but I'm hot and I have things to buy for tomorrow.

P.S. My building principal is completely on board with #MTBoS!  She sat in awe as I showed her app after resource after conversation.  More on this later.

P.P.S. My room is currently 85 degrees.

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