Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day 174: Game Refinement

I began my geometry class today by making it VERY clear that today would be the last day that students would be given class time to work on their games.  Of the 8 groups, I expect that 6 will be ready for tomorrow.  There are some incredible ideas and I really hope that they come together at the last minute.

It appears that many of my students have learned valuable lessons about selecting their friends as group mates.  Just because you really enjoy hanging out with someone does not mean that they are reliable in a pinch.  They have learned some important things about delegation and division of labor as well as not waiting until the last minute to print, since the library may not be open.

"If the library is closed, and we can't print, how are we supposed to finish?"
"I suggest you not wait until the last minute to finish up.  You have had a month to get to this point"

Most of the groups were putting finishing touches on their games, adding lamination, coloring and decorating.

The Math 8 class is starting to fall to chaos and I don't know if I have the energy to keep it together.  As we approach the last day, kids who are suspended are simply told not to come back, so my class size is dwindling.  Grades close tomorrow with 2 days left of school and the kids know it.

Almost every other teacher in the building is showing videos at this point and I'm feeling like the guy who wants to stay to watch the end of the credits when everyone else wants to go to dinner.
"GUYS! Philip Maldonado, the ager and dryer for the costumes for this movie was ALSO the costumer for Firefly! Isn't that awesome??  ...Guys??"


  1. A round of 21 AKA Blackjack may be required, but do not give in to the Movie Monster. I also love staying until the end of movies to see the credits.

    1. We aren't allowed to have regular cards because it would encourage gambling, so I have a large collection of games that utilize critical thinking, problem solving and strategy.


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