Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 177: "Fun" Day

30 minutes classes while a few of the teachers set up stations for "Fun Day" means I got to pack everything back into my car while wearing shorts.

A 25 "small" box limit for the move means that the Art and Music Departments will either be leaving the majority of their supplies in this building, or will be shelling out their own money for a Uhaul and a storage unit.

Thankfully, I have no supplies to send up.  Everything in my room that isn't a text book is owned by me and I was planning to take it home over the summer anyway.

My room is 99% empty meaning I'll be spending 16 hours over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday updating my resume, reading and streaming movies.

My math 8 classes was vastly underpopulated as students who are not allowed to participate in Fun Day due to behavior stayed home.  The kids in geometry played the most intense and violent game of catch I've ever seen while doing a High School Musical 2 sing-a-long.  I honestly don't know how it didn't end in MORE bloodshed.

Then I manned the water station and hurled water balloons and wet sponges at kids for 2 hours.


  1. that was a pretty intense game, Toni came home with multiple brush burns. now I get to poke them if she annoys me :)

    1. You're really the best friend that anyone could have.


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