Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 73: And We're Backish

12 days of break and I don't feel rested.  I almost fell asleep in my chair this morning before the students got here.

Having my alarm go off at 4:30 this morning was killer and even now I can't seem to get moving.

It seems that the majority of my students feel the same.  I gave them several options of thing to work on, knowing that trying to lecture or do a specific activity would be like pulling teeth.  About half of the students used the time wisely and turned in several assignments before class ended.

I suppose I should grade these.

I used the time semi-wisely by constructing a constellation dome.  The kids were fascinated by it so it was a good teaser for when they build them for themselves in 2 chapters.

In Physics, we continued to work with friction.

I feel as though this blog is more important this year because I'm teaching new classes, new grades, in a new subjects.  I think I could be doing some great thinking about education in general and how my philosophies reach from math into other content.

But I'm just not feeling it.  The blog feels more like a chore this year.

Maybe it's time to take a break from it.  This article in The New Yorker sums up my emotions at the moment.

Maybe it's time to concentrate more on this:


  1. Your wondering would seem a message to heed. Try taking a break and see how that feels. Revisit the blog in a few weeks or even months and you'll have a sense of what's next.

  2. I an understand why you'd want to stop. So much momentum and it's like "BUT IVE GONE SO MANY DAYS!!" but if there isn't even that sense of accomplishment of completing something and the benefits of reflection aren't present at the moment, taking a break could be healthy as Elayne suggested. Sorry you're feeling so restless :(

    1. That should say 'why you wouldn't want to stop'


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