Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 85: Review-ish

Every class is required to have a midterm of some sort, but the form of that midterm is left up the teacher.  Those who teach subjects taught by multiple teachers generally have a common assessment which they develop as a group.

No one else teaches what I teach this year, so I have a great deal of freedom in what I do for the midterm.

The astronomy kids are getting a 50 question test tomorrow.  It's entirely true/false and multiple choice and the questions have all been pulled from previous assessments.  I told them about it yesterday and I gave them today to work on anything they owed me.  I made myself available to answer any questions that they might want to ask before the midterm.

In all five sections, the girls in the class (with 4 exceptions) worked very well while the boys (with 5 exceptions) spent the time chatting.

The physics kids were supposed to take their midterm tomorrow, but I decided I would rather them take it today so they could use the double period.

I colored.

My daughter received a guitar for her birthday in November.  Her interest in it waxes and wanes, but since then, I've been teaching myself to play.

I'm at the point of learning a new skill where you want to practice all the time.

I'm thinking about guitar right now.  I was when I started this post.

I will continue thinking about it after I hit "publish."

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