Friday, June 3, 2016

Day 175: Playgrounds

I'm going to start running again.  Yesterday was a tipping point for me and writing about it was extremely cathartic.  I went to the doctor and spoke to some friends and I'm feeling better today.

But not better enough to think that I'm alright.

Three years ago, I ran a half marathon.  I'm going to sign up for another in the fall and set up a running schedule.  I already have new shoes.  Now I just need to make the time.

With grades for seniors finalized this morning, the school has taken on an air of a summer camp.  There were torrential downpours and those, in combination with closed grades, meant that the population of the school was at around 50%.

My astronomy classes watched Cosmos and 2001 while various other students came to borrow from my collection of games.

We finished the playground presentations in Physics and some of them completely blew me away!

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