Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day 179: Closet

Period 1: 1 Student
Period 2: 5 Students
Period 3: 3 Students
Period 4: 2 Students
Period 6: 0 Students
Period 8: 13 Students

I had an extremely productive morning!  Yesterday, the other physics teacher and I tackled the supply closet, throwing away 3 dumpsters of old, broken and confusing materials.

Someone had kept a box of tangled slinkies.  It was on the shelf above the burned-out light bulbs!

Today, wiped the shelves down and began organizing.  All of the sound equipment is on the top shelf.  Optics go just below that.

There is something very satisfying about bringing order out of chaos.

It went very well until the shelf holding the weights broke, spilling hanging masses, transformers and light boxes all over the floor.

I totally didn't crap my pants.

We're getting there.  Working on it tomorrow and Monday should see the whole thing organized before we leave for the summer.

The number of Uno games that were being played around the school today must have numbered in the tens of thousands.

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