Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 31: Pep In Your Step

The week is finally over.  I had planned to continue giving notes in astronomy today, but instead, I spent the class answering "what if" questions.  The warm-up question yesterday was "How would the seasons differ if the Earth's axis had no tilt?"

Today, I asked what it would be like if the axis were 90 degrees.  The ensuing discussion opened the door for the kids to ask all sorts of things.  In 1st period, it turned into a conversation about the colonization of Mars.  In 2nd, after I had to remove a very disruptive student, we talked about how rocket ships work.  By the time 6th period rolled around, we were talking about time-travel paradoxes and the curvature of the universe.
With so many students who are interested in astronomy, I'm out of patience for those who are too disruptive for me to teach.

This will only be a short post today, as I am exhausted.  The afternoon ended with a pep rally for homecoming and I was promised that I wasn't going to win.

Thankfully I didn't.

There wasn't nearly as much booing as I expected and considerably more cheers.

Good luck tonight, Wolverines!

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