Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 64: Taking a Breath

Yesterday wasn't a great day for me.  That happens sometimes so I'm using it to learn and move forward.

The student whom I spoke to at the end of the day yesterday came up for extra help during his lunch today.  I consider that a good sign.  I'm glad he hasn't committed to dropping the course.

The Astronomy students started turning in their differentiated assignments.  The majority of them decided to do the hand-written definitions while one created a crossword puzzle.  Two students made vocabulary posters that I will put up on the windows.

Students who have yet to do ANY work for my class are willing to do this.  If I had assigned them to write the definitions, I think they would have skipped it, but allowing them to choose this seems to make all the difference.

I also had the honor today of reading a book to kindergarten students in Minnesota.  This is my second time doing so and this group was adorable.  They had all sorts of questions about Pennsylvania, specifically whether we have earthquakes.

Little kids are cute. I'm going to go home and cuddle with mine.

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