Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 42: Dat Rut Tho

I can't wait for this weekend!

I feel as though I've been stagnating in my lessons lately.  My student engagement has been acceptable, but not great.  On top of this, however, I'm feeling as though my approach, while it may be effective, is accidentally so.

I feel as though I chosen it so that I didn't have to develop anything better.

I can justify given the pre-algebra students a giant packet of work by claiming that they are working at their own pace.  I can let students explore new topics in a self-guided environment without feeling as though they are lagging behind or being held back.  I'm also able to spend time with students who normally get overlooked because they don't cry for attention the way some others do.  These are legitimate reasons.

But I have mixed feeling about it.

In 8th period, however, this tactic seems to be a fairly successful.  As long as I continue moving around the room, the students stay on task.  I gave them a checkpoint for Monday and that seemed to really help focus them.

Even in geometry, the activities are great and informative, but I'm beginning to doubt my unifying goal.  I want them to be better problem solvers and to experience mathematics in new and interesting ways and I'm using the curriculum to provide those experiences, but something seems off.

I'm hoping that I'm just in a rut and I'm excited to talk with other educators this weekend at EdCampPGH!  Every education conference I attend fills me with energy, excitement and ideas. 

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