Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 140: PSSA Day 1

The testing has started!

I actively monitored the CRAP out of it!  I totally didn't browse Kickstarter for products and videos to show kids during the break.

After the test, I opened my bin of (now 5300+) hexagonal blocks and let them play and explore.

When geometry came in, I showed them my Hyper-Beads and a description of the hyperboloid shape lead us into a conversation about fields and ferrofluids.  We checked out a few cool things on Kickstarter and then they broke into the hexagonal blocks too.  The science teacher from across the hall joined us as well and we had a great conversation about engaging students.  I have a tendency to push content down in favor of building relationships with my students.

In 8th period, I graded workbooks while students worked, talked, hung out, all to the background sound of beads clicking away as they passed the Hyper-Beads around the room.

In 2 days, I will be boarding a plane to Minneapolis to observe several teachers in their element.  I will also be leading a discussion on race and gender issues with two groups of high school students and presenting on that same topic at EdCamp Twin Cities on Saturday.

I'm pretty excited for this week!

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