Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 166: Storm Clouds

"When it rains, it pours."

It's not raining yet, but I see dark clouds on the horizon.  There are some interesting opportunities that may be presenting themselves in the next few weeks and I'm very excited about them.  I'm not, however, taking out a second mortgage on my house to buy flood insurance.

I made a deal with my Math 8 students today.  If they paid SUPER close attention to the lesson on scatter plots, we could go to the computer lab for the second period.  They did a great job and I held up my end.

Normally when we go to the computer lab, they "work" on the mathematical remediation software that the school has purchased.  It's not bad, but can get tedious.  Instead I introduced them to the puzzles on Solve Me.  They seemed to really enjoy working on them and I overheard several helping each other to solve particularly complicated puzzle.

There were even a few who made their own and challenged me.

The geometry class has a week left until the playable versions of their games are due.  I took most of them into the computer lab and helped them navigate Word and Publisher so they could start creating boards and cards.  The school network only crashed and erased their progress twice during the class, so I consider that a win.


  1. I'd heard of Solve It but hadn't explored it until now. Excellent resource for those who finish test early (they usually work on their Khan Academy Mastery Challenge or a KenKen puzzle). I'll add that to the repertoire :)

    Shameless plug for my blog post that I wrote a couple weeks ago but didn't post until today. It's a couple review activities the kids found engaging on test review day. Could be adapted for end-of-year review activities.

  2. Imbalance puzzles next?


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