Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 168: A Naked Room


We have 9 student days left and 12 staff days.  Since, regardless of my employment situation in the fall, I will not be working in my current building, EVERYTHING MUST GO!

 I've discovered that the items in my room fall into 1 of 3 categories.

"What is this scrap of paper with a random expression doing on my counter?"  TRASH!
"Why do I have 14 copies of the chapter 2 test from 4 years ago?" TRASH!
"Here's an unclaimed test for a student who was on my roster for 4 days." TRASH!

Anything graded, or shaded, or dusty.
Anything ragged, or shredded or rusty!

This is my favorite category.

2) Personal Items
These are the posters, supplies, activities that I paid for myself or were donated to me from good friends and colleagues.  I have BOXES of dry erase markers, manipulatives, toys and games.  I have stacks of dry erase board.  I'll have to make MANY trips to get all of this home.

3) School Items
I have 2 district issued laptops which, if I can revive the octogenarian hamsters inside, will go back to the district for summer storage.  My projector and Promethean board will remain with the room.  I'm supposed to pack all of our textbooks into boxes, but since I haven't used them at all this year, I'm not sure why.

I like sorting things, but my room is looking very bare...

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