Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day 76: Delay

A 2-hour delay always makes for a great day.  While kids crave routine, they also crave disruption to that routine.  We had a late start and the classes were in different order than normal.

Everyone was in a pretty good mood and we got a ton of stuff done in my classes.  We continued talking about parallel line and angle vocabulary in Pre-Algebra.  In Math 7, we starting to seriously discuss algebraic expressions.

I'm not sure if it was the disruption in the schedule or my own sense of shortened-period urgency, but all of the classes were attentive and on point. about another delay tomorrow?

My favorite interaction today:

Me: "What strategy did you use to mentally solve 13 times 9?"
Student: "Well, this is what I did, but it's probably wrong..."
Me: "Don't say that! Have confidence!"
Student: "Alright. I'm POSITIVE it's wrong."

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