Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 81: The Day Before

'Twas the day before Christmas (break)
And all the school
Movies were played
By teachers who were cool.

In the hallways kids skipped
On the way to their classes.
They had brought in nice treats
To share with the masses.

Holiday cheer
Was spread far and wide.
"OMG! Nice sweater!"
"Thanks! Nice antlers," they cried!

They chatted and talked
Holiday plans, they did spill.
"I'm sleeping in."
"Me? Just Netflix and chill."

But over in math class,
Mr. A knew his biz.
The last day of school?
Perfect time for a quiz!

"It's not that I'm mean.
It's not that at all!
But we wait till January,
You'll have forgotten it all!"

He quizzed with compassion
And cheered them all on.
"You got this," he cried!
"You guys are the bomb!"

When tests were completed,
And the scores were all in,
They had performed really well!
Now THAT was win!

As grades were entered,
The bell, it did chime.
The students escaped
For 10 days of free time!

As he watched from the window
As they all walked away.
It's said that his heart
Grew three sizes that day!

He'd made a few lists.
He'd checked them all twice.
They were not lists
Of "naughty" or "nice."

His textbooks and notebooks
Were secure in his tote.
The chance that he'd work
Over break? Mmmmm...remote.

He waved at the kids
As they all walked off into the day
Then he shouted "I'M FREE!"
And cartwheeled away!


  1. Well put together, I enjoy the rhymes and photography.

    1. I told you it wasn't hidden! Also, your expression in that photo is perfect.


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