Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 82: Back To It

I did not dread coming to work this morning.  I didn't stay up late last night stressing about my lessons.

I didn't spend yesterday sad because break was ending.

No, I didn't WANT to get up at 4:45 this morning and sure, I would have been happy to have another day, but I was ready to start back.

I attribute this feeling to two causes:

1) I spent every moment of break doing something fun or interesting.  I spent lots of time with friends, hanging out or playing games.  I spent lots of time with my family, doing crafts or activities.  I even spent a morning with a colleague working on curriculum development so she can attempt Standards-Based Grading during this coming marking period.

I stayed up late and slept in.  I went to the gym and ate good food.

I wasn't idle.  I milked every minute of my break.

2) I don't hate my job.

I can't express how amazing this is.  I don't hate my job.  I don't feel as though my presence is superfluous.  I like my coworkers, my students, my administrators, my classes and my opportunities.

It's not perfect.  No job is perfect, but I'm happy here.

I am happy here and I am acknowledging it.

Now...to start stressing about what I'm teaching tomorrow...

1 comment:

  1. Really great to hear! I know many teachers in some tough schools who are really having a hard time getting ready to go back. I'm thankful to be where I'm at where I enjoy going to work as well.


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