Friday, December 16, 2016

Day 77: On Point!

Another 2-hour delay today means I get to impose another false sense of urgency on my classes.  I gave structured tasks to the Pre-Algebra and Math 7 classes and they rocked it! It was beautiful!

In Math 7, we are talking about combining like terms and using that to simplify expressions.  I put this up on the board and asked what they thought they could do with it:

After a minute or two, someone suggested using the circles to group things that looked the same.

From there, we combined those terms and work talked about simplifying expressions.

In Pre-Algebra, we kept talking about the angles formed from parallel lines and I asked the kids to do the following problems:

They did them!  They did them well and they did an excellent job of justifying their answers by using the vocabulary that we've discussed in class!

This was an excellent end to the week.

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