Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 101: Blank

There were several large physical altercations yesterday.  My classes were quite small today.  I'm not sure if those are related.

With my classes at about 2/3 attendance, they were much less rowdy than yesterday.  I started my classes with a formative assessment quiz, asking questions which will be on their actual quiz on Tuesday.

When they realized that I was asking random students instead of just the ones with their hands up, many of them became more engaged and even excited to show off what they knew.  For the last few days, I've been asking review questions as my warm-up and it seems to be helping to solidify the ideas.

I should be thinking more about this stuff, but this week has exhausted me and I need to put my focus on the EdCamp-style professional development tomorrow that I helped to organize.  I have a ton of plates to keep spinning and hopefully doing so will distract me from this past week.

This post was dull and without heart, so here's the newest video from OK Go, which I was able to justify showing in my Astronomy classes.

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