Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 96: Blue Goals

It seems appropriate that today was talked about the Doppler Effect in Astronomy.

As a wave source approaches an observer, the frequency of those waves increases.  As it moves away from the observer, the frequency decreases.  This is manifested in the sounds made by a police car as it speeds by a pedestrian.

This same concept applies to light.  Unlike sound however, when light increases frequency, there is no sound to shift.  Instead, the color shifts slightly more blue.  Objects moving away are shifted slightly red.

Next Friday, my district will be holding a district-wide EdCamp-style professional development.  We put out a call for proposals last week and had 47 teachers and administrators volunteer to facilitate or present!

I will be presenting on one of the only things I know: Blogging As Reflective Practice.

There is a huge variety of topics being offered by our staff that range from data usage to classroom management to how to use Kahoot.  Everyone has something that works for them.  Much of the faculty is excited!

And many are not...

Several have expressed concerns about the format in respectful and professional manners.  I have had many discussions over the past week, especially with those who know that this is somewhat my baby.

There are others, however, who have complained very vocally about the idea.  They have done so in the manner that suggests that they are not open to conversation about the idea.  A few have openly scoffed the notion and denigrated the organizers in my presence without knowing that I'm on that list.

I'm writing this not to complain about my coworkers, but to remind myself of something important.

This is not personal.

I truly believe in the EdCamp-style professional development.  I know that I have claimed great benefit as a result of what I have learned there.

I also know that it took me a long time to get the point where I was even open to this type of development.  I don't blame others for not being willing or ready.

Much the way that the lack of interest displayed by a student in my class may be completely unrelated to me or my instruction, the same can be said for my peers.

The lack of desire to participate in this event is created by a long list of situations with my own existence not being anywhere on the list.

All I can do, just as in my classroom, is remain an advocate for positive change.  I will make myself available to answer questions as they arise and be positive about the benefits of this experience.

I will support those who need it.

I will also recognize that there is simply no way to please some people.  No matter how great something is, there will be people who will always find fault.

So how are these things related?

I don't think that I'm an amazing teacher, or an amazing colleague.  I know that I have many shortcomings in both areas.  In many cases, the opinions of my colleagues are well-founded.

I am, however, moving in the direction that I wish to be.

I see my goals and they are blue-shifted.  The distance doesn't matter nearly as much as knowing that I am on the right path and will stay the course.

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