Friday, February 19, 2016

Day 104: Sock 'Em

My classes were VERY light today.  It was an excellent way to end this week which, while very short, has been very frustrating.

Today was assessment day, which means that students had the option to either take the chapter test or complete another assignment that demonstrates mastery of the concepts.  At this point, the only students who actually take the test are the ones who either forgot to do something else, or have done nothing at all and take it by default.

The majority of the tests that I handed out were returned to me almost blank.

"I did the true and false section."

Many of my students are football players who have been accepted to, and given scholarships for, colleges.  I don't know how to get them to understand that their failing my class will put their graduation in jeopardy.

I worry about them once they leave the school, but ultimately, they have to make their own choices.

I hope that more of them make the choice to wear George Washington socks.

I'm tired and need this weekend.


  1. I'm actually laughing out loud. Love your post. So glad to know I'm not alone, I've had those days. You just wonder, what the heck is going on here? How can my expectations be soooo out of line with reality?

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! At least twice a week, I look around and wonder what planet I'm on, or whether I'm the only sane one left.


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