Friday, November 18, 2016

Day 60: Visiting Next Door

The woman who teaches the Pre-Calc and Algebra 3 classes next door to me was out today.  Her students kept coming to my room to ask me for help on their assignments.  I eventually gave my own students an assignment to work on and just traded classes with the sub who was next door.

I had a blast!

There is something invigorating about running back and forth between two groups of students, one of which is working on function composition while the other is dividing fractions.  It's interval training for the mind.

I've been thinking more and more about using my time in the wood shop to make fraction bars.  The teacher who was in this room last left a game called Fraction Stax which has some pretty awesome pieces, just not enough of them.

I need to decide if I want to make mine like these, or more like the paper ones that my students have been using.

I also have a considerable amount of grading that I have to do this weekend.  Using Standards-Based Grading means I have fewer grades that go in and I've been forgetting to actually do them.  I also need to make up an assessment for the Pre-Algebra kids.

That's all for me this week.  My daughter turns 7 today, so I'm going to spend some time with her and eat pizza and cake.

Here's the post I wrote when she was born.

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