Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Day 62: Patterns

We spent all of my classes today talking about a single pattern from our warm-up.

In the Math 7, the discussion was about how we visualize this pattern and how it grow.  In Pre-Algebra, I told the story of Gauss and finding the sum of the first 100 integers.  As is usually the case when I tell a story, the students were highly engaged.

In Integrated math, this pattern moved us into a discussion of the math electives that we are trying to develop for the school.  We ended up talking about Pascal's Triangles and polynomial expansion.

In first period, we talked about code-switching.
In second, we talked about the Alt-Right and the aspects of the election that the students didn't know about.
In third, we examined some of my favorite recreational math.

Overall, I very much enjoyed today and, while not directly related to the curriculum, we were solidly focused on Standards of Mathematical Practice 2 and 8.

I can think about numbers in many ways.
I can solve problems by looking for rules and patterns.

Also, I finished the last layer of polyurethane on my first bowl and turned a new handle for the crockpot!


  1. Did you circle the even numbers in pascal's triangle????


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