Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 120: Powerless

I think it's about time that I contact my own high school teachers (again) and apologize to them for who I was (again).

I am constantly amazed at the abilities of some students to make me feel inept and powerless.  I have no way to react to students who intentionally try to cause a scene.  I hate kicking them out, but that's often the only play I have.

I seem to be unable to defuse situations when students wish them to escalate.

During a demonstration about parallax, I throw a ball to a student who caught it.  Then I asked him to close one eye and I threw it again.  The idea behind this being that depth perception is both important and automatic.

When I threw the ball the second time, another student called out that "he's used to having something in his eye when he's catching balls."

When I told him that such comments were not appropriate or acceptable in school, he began screaming about how I'm the pervert for "thinking that I meant someone was going to nut in his face."

When I asked him to please clarify his comments, he refused and got louder and louder.  I moved his seat and he took his time going, loudly grumbling about how I was being weird and sick.  The move of 25 feet took 4 minutes.

All of this occurred after I had to remove a different student for his language and inability to control himself.
To clarify, the one on the ground is me.

Since it has been made abundantly clear that the content isn't important, and since I have (possibly) graduating seniors, I'm struggling to figure out what I should be teaching them and why.

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