Thursday, March 31, 2016

Day 129: Astronomer Draft

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, to the 2016 Astronomer Draft!

As many of you know, especially those of you who are hoping to make it as professional athletes, before a player is drafted to a team for fame, riches and glory, that team researches the player.

For the next 20 minutes, you are to research the Astronomers on this list, or others as you see fit, to determine if you want to draft them to your team.

And by 'draft them to your team', I mean 'research their lives and accomplishments, present those findings to the class in a fun and interesting way and have some sort of culminating activity.'

This list contains a variety of races, nationalities, time-frames and genders so try to find someone who genuinely interests you.  No one likes researching a boring topic.

What do teams do during the draft if the player they choose has already been drafted? They find another player.  I suggest you make a short list of people who interest you so if they are chosen before your turn, you have some alternatives.

I have put all of your names into a cup.  We will now draw draft order.  If your chosen Astronomer is picked, make sure you cross them off your list and move to the next one.

The draft went fairly well.  I wish I had though of that format at the beginning of the day, but alas, I just presented it as "this is what we're doing."

The advantage to teaching the same class 5 times a day is that I can modify my presentation by the end, so 6th period had the draft.  I also told them that they could work with a partner, but if they did, I would expect a higher quality presentation.

My own task for this weekend is to make up a rubric to give them by Monday.

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