Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 18: #SBG and a #TURD or Two

On Saturday, I walked to our local coffee shop and sat for a few hours doing grading and setting up my classes for Standards-Based Grading.  There are a ton of resources available online for doing this, so I didn't have to start from scratch.  I know it's going to be a rough transition, but I believe in it and it's been long overdue.

Today, I presented it to my Math 7 and Pre-Algebra classes with mixed results.  Understandably, they had many questions, so once the warm-up and #MistakeMonday were finished, I devoted the entire period to going over it.

Up to this point, both Math 7 and Pre-Algebra have been at the same point.  That changes now as they have different standards.  There is a considerable amount of overlap, so we'll be able to use the same resources, but the kids will be at different points.

I think many of the Pre-Algebra kids are going to feel a bit overwhelmed for a little bit, and that's alright.  With the ability to do re-assessments, they will (hopefully) be able to see how to focus their efforts on their weaknesses while celebrating their strengths.

I expect there will be growing pains, both for the students and myself.

In the Integrated Math class, we've been talking about data analysis and survey design.  Admittedly, I'm terrible at latter, so I'm learning with them.  Today's discussion was being able to identify what is right/wrong with charts and graphs.

I took inspiration from Christopher Danielson and the TURDs (Truly Unfortunate Representations of Data).

I put a series of images on the board and we talked about them.

"What do you notice about these images? What do you wonder about them?"

After the first few, they began talk about scale and survey respondents.  "When they talk about welfare recipients, do they mean children and the disabled? Do they mean retirees? Those people wouldn't hold full time jobs.  What about people who hold full time jobs but still need welfare?"
"Obamacare must be a failure! They only hit 1/3 of their goal!"
"There are 5 times the number of people unemployed than have full time jobs!"
"Nah! Those dates were randomly chosen..."
"No one needs the whole graph!"

What about some controversial topics?
"Twice as many white people are killed by the cops!"
"See? Two years in a row!"

OOPS!!  Did I accidentally bring up social justice? Sorry about that!


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