Saturday, October 29, 2016

Day 44: Hexagears

Every student who reassessed skills today showed improvement.  I am incredibly pleased.

While they were working, I put the finishing touches on my substitute plans until my return from NCTM Phoenix and NCTM Philly.

I also started playing around a bit with the hexagons to try to incorporate some movement into my creations.  I developed a rudimentary set of gears with some string I had around my classroom.
These are much more impressive when they turn

I will be bringing those, as well as 600 other hexagons, with me to Phoenix.  I would bring more, but that's all I can fit in my carry-on.

Knowing that I will be spending a considerable amount of time waiting for and sitting on airplanes over the next few days, I went over to Math Equals Love and got some pretty awesome puzzles to nerd out to next to strangers.

Man! Those strangers are going to be so lucky to be sitting next to me!

I'm so jealous of them.

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