Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 92: Teach to the Few

Educon was excellent!  I got to meet amazing people and participate in wonderful conversations.  I left there with many valuable resources, both academic and personal.
Justin (Lanier) and Justin (Aion) know that it's good to be a Justin

Sarah Da Teechur was THRILLED to be flanked by me and Art la Flamme

Kristen Swanson and the EdCamp movement have changed my professional life.

Rafranz Davis and David Wees were trying to take a nice picture and I photobombed from the front...

Now I need to put those ideas into place.

With the conference and the drive, I wasn't quite ready today.

After my day on Thursday and my absence on Friday, my Math 8 students had spread the rumor that I had retired.  As I was in my room, hanging up student work, I heard multiple conversations in the hallway claiming that I had snapped and walked out.  They said I was never coming back.  One kid actually said that I was in jail.

When they came to class, I went over the worksheets that I left for them.  They talked over me.  In 8th period, a small group of students moved up and began asking questions and we had an excellent discussion about how to generalize from sequences.

By the time class ended, there was chaos all around this tiny bubble of academic work and discussion.

Tomorrow, I'm going to start using ClassDojo again.  After a discussion with teachers at #EduCon and on Twitter, I decided that I need to work with the students to see what they think is important for a smoothly running classroom.

I don't want to have a leaderboard that would allow individual students to be listed as last, so I'm going to do it as groups.  Individual students will get points or lose points for their behavior, or for whatever we decide on as a class, but the results will be listed as groups.

I want to gamify my classroom, and I spoke with Chris Aviles at length this weekend to help me get started.

This is going to take time to get it where I want, but ClassDojo is a great place to start and I've already entered my students names into the program...

I'm going to unplug for a while, shovel my driveway, hit the gym and enjoy my kids.

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