Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 156: Senioritis

With 1 exception, all of my students are juniors and seniors.  The last day of the school year is June 10th, but senior grades have to be finalized on June 3rd to determine whether or not they will graduate.

The seniors have 19 days left.  Of those 19, we have state testing, and therefore a 3 hour delay, for 6 days.  During those delays, the majority of seniors will not come.  I have been summoned for jury duty on Wednesday of this week.

I have 12 days left with my seniors.  Our final is on June 2nd.  Many of the AP classes, having already had their AP tests, have essentially let out for the year.  Many of those students have been coming to my class to play games, which works for me.  It works for everyone and the games help to develop problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork!

The physics students will be working on their playgrounds for the remainder of the year.  The astronomy students will be working their way through Interstellar and Gravity with a few activities related to those.

I'm exhausted. I'm spending so much time grading assignments that should have been turned in weeks ago because I wanted to give them every chance to demonstrate their knowledge.  It's so frustrating to hear "have you graded my paper yet" from students who turned in their assignment a week late.

That question is right up there with the students who pick their heads up from their naps long enough to declare how badly I want them to fail.

There MUST be a better way to help students be more self-aware of their actions and the consequences that follow...

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