Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 51: Not the Best Me

The kids didn't answer my whiteboard question today, so I'll ask it again tomorrow!

Long weekends are tough for me.  I don't plan them well and, as a result, I plan LESS for the coming week than I do during a normal weekend.

"I have 4 days! I don't need to do it now!" I say to myself every day.

This weekend was no different.  I did, however, have an idea for how I wanted my students to review for the chapter tests that are coming up in all of my classes.  The idea was simple:

Split students into teams.
Each team writes a 10-question quiz with answer key
Teams exchange quizzes
Teams answer quizzes
Highest score wins!  (All teams win knowledge)

When I came in today, however, a district level administrative decision threw me for a loop.  The size of one of my classes will be almost doubling.  Please note that it is Day 51.

My principals know my objections and the reasons for them, so there was no reason to vent at or to them about my displeasure.  I also won't waste time on here with the reasons that this decision was made because they don't matter..

Needless to say, I am a bit out of sorts.

I explained to my 4th period that we would be getting 10 new students, went over the warm-up and gave them the team-quiz review.  I'm having trouble keeping a positive outlook and I'm worried that my frustration is going to show through and be taken out on the wrong people, so I'm trying to keep to myself, as much as a teacher can.

The students were not as on task as I would like them to be, but they were working.  When I offered candy to the winning team 9th period, they buckled down and started doing some great stuff.  It showed me that this idea wasn't too shabby!

I'm very displeased with my attitude today, but I'll justify it by saying that I've been putting full effort into what I've been doing since the start of the year.  I don't think I deserve a break, especially after 4 days without students, but I'm not the best me I can be today.

It may bother me later, but for now, I'm alright with it.

Last year, I would have been upset by this for a totally different reason.  I wouldn't have wanted all these new kids out of my own laziness.

This year, I'm upset because there is simply no way to justify that this move is in the educational best interest of any of the students involved.


  1. The thing is that the crap flows downhill, as they saying goes, and you are doing what all good teachers do and trying to buffer the kids from the full effects of that as best as you can. It is, therefore, quite naturally to feel a little crappy as you try to absorb it. So, an off day is entirely to be expected given the circumstances. I'm sure you'll be back on your game tomorrow!

    1. One of my students in 8th period walked in and we had the following conversation:

      Student: "Mr. Aion, are you ok? You look mad."
      Me: "I'm not mad. I'm a little frustrated."
      S: "Did we do something wrong?"
      M: "No! You didn't do anything wrong."
      S: "Was the other class? Those kids are bad!"
      M: "No, dear. It wasn't any students. Thank you so much for your concern though. I really appreciate it."


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