Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 139: H-R Diagram

"Since we don't have access to computers in this room and I'm getting a bit bored with watching you not work on your presentations, I'm moving on!"

Today we began talking about star classifications.  As usual, in my first period I taught as though I was the kid who didn't do the summer reading, but is still giving the presentation.

"So...these are stars and these ones are hotter and some are bigger than others and the colors are different based on all sorts of stuff so do this worksheet."

By 6th period, I had it down.

We began by watching Crash Course Astronomy

Following the video, we looked at a version of the H-R Diagram.  I asked them to tell me what jumped out at them.

We talked about the sizes of the stars, the colors and the band that runs through the middle.

I handed out worksheets and told them we would go over them and I would collect it at the end of class.

They worked!  As the day went on, the classes worked better and better culminating in 100% participation in my 6th period.

It was pretty great.

Over the summer, provided I know what I'll be teaching next year, I plan to make a calendar for my classes.  It will be something more specific than general curriculum.  I want to include specific videos, labs, projects, etc.

I know I saw this every year.  Hopefully, this will be the year I actually do it.


  1. Don't know if you've seen this, but I found it fascinating. Your class might enjoy it, too.

  2. I've seen similar diagram here on this website . If you are interested you can go and choose something for themselves.


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