Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 142: Revision

State testing: Day 5 of 14

Presentation Day 2

I've written in the past about how different classes have different dynamics.  Today, it hit me again.  My 6th period started their presentations and (the students who presented) did a VERY nice job.

The first one truly set the tone that I was seeking.  His presentation was more in the form of storytelling than reading a list of historical facts.  Even though many of the groups fell short in terms of time, it was clear that they spent considerable effort on their presentations, both in terms of format and research.

My other classes, however, were a scramble to send emails, put their names on the presentations and, for the most part, read their powerpoints.  Again, several students were confused about due dates and didn't understand why they would earn 3/10 for "Time Limit" when, for a 5 minute presentation, they spoke for just over 1 minute.

I'm toying with the idea of making them redo the projects and adding elements and due dates:

Written speech due on Friday
Video of rehearsal due Monday
New presentation due Thursday

Any students who earned less than a 70 on the original rubric will be required to make up the assignment.

I think I pulled something in my neck this weekend.  I have a headache and am exhausted.

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