Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 147: Gravity Table

State Testing: Day 7 of 14

After several attempts at trying to balance the gravity table in the way I wanted, I gave up.  Instead, I went down to the Phys Ed department and asked if I could have some Hula Hoops that they weren't using.

I had been avoiding them because I wanted the table to be bigger, but without a stable ring and stand, that wasn't possible.  I borrowed plastic and glass beads from the biology teacher and I was good to go.

Due to the testing schedule, I only saw one Astronomy class today, but they were fascinated by the beads rolling around on the table, gathering together in clumps and distorting the surface with their weight.

The physics kids were so enthralled that they dumped everything on the ground.  What a great way to demonstrate gravitational pull!
Gravity is a harsh and unforgiving mistress

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