Thursday, April 21, 2016

Day 144: Mixed Reception

We completed the presentations today with very mixed results.  There were some truly excellent presentations and some that were...not.

After handing back the rubrics, I handed out my letters to the students who are in danger of failing the course.

The majority of the students thanked me for the chance to not fail.  They asked excellent clarifying questions about content, deadlines and expectations.

A select few took it as an insult that they needed to redo their assignment.

"I already did this!"
"You did.  You did a fairly nice job with the presentation, but you didn't really follow the rubric and your grade suffered as a result.  With the grade you earned on this presentation, along with the previous 3 marking periods, it's mathematically impossible for you pass the class.  You can, however, resubmit this assignment to improve your grade."

I was also asked why I wasn't reading the letter to them.

I explained that it was an optional assignment for student who wished to correct their work.

I truly hope they take advantage of this opportunity.

Overall, I feel as though this is an acceptable road to take for me, helping my students to balance achievement and responsibility.

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