Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 39: Puzzles and Pictures

I came in today full of art and math all mashed together in a giant ball of MArTH!  I started my classes with a new whiteboard question:

While the students were working on those, I began "I notice, I wonder" with 4 pictures that I selected from my trip to St. Louis.

My prime take-away is that I should have specific things in mind when I do "I notice, I wonder" if I hope to direct their attention in one way or another.

This introduction (45 minutes) was about the same in all of my class with varying degrees of success.  The geometry classes then went on to work on The Lady and The Tiger.  We got through the 9th trial out of 12 with a minimal number of students being eaten by tigers.  I suppose at some point, I'm going to have to go back to the curriculum, but I don't wanna!

In pre-algebra, we had a niiiiiiiice long talk about appropriate behavior with a substitute.  Mostly, it boiled down to "If you don't act that way when I'm here, why would you with someone else?"  After having his head down for the entire period, a young man tried to "get me on his side" about why he was unfairly assigned a detention.  I explained to him that his overt rudeness throughout my class would make it impossible for me to answer any of his non-content related questions.  He put his head back down.

After our "chat" I did a few examples of fraction division using Fawn's Rectangle Method and the kids seemed to enjoy it.  I will probably do a few more that way soon.  We then moved on to a VERY basic explanation of adding fractions with the same denominators. (snooooooze)

While they were working, I assembled a flag of flags from the various classes.  I'm very pleased with what they came up with and I'm happy that I can be decorating my room!

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